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In Microsoft Azure Data Studio, we have an interesting option – Task History. The task History option is available at Action bar or you can use the CTRL+T key to open this. This section is very useful when you perform any backup or restore database operation.

Let’s take a backup of AdventureWorks database using TSQL command and then check the Task History option.

From the above image you can see that we don’t have any entry in task history section because I have taken backup using TSQL statement. Now try to take a backup using inbuilt backup options in the Azure Data Studio.

From the above image you can see, backup operation this time is listed under task history section. In a similar way you will see the entry for restoring operation if you will perform restore using restore option from the Tasks section as mention below:

You can also generate scripts for any task listed under task history by right click on that as shown below:


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