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Almost a few days ago, I had posted a blog on “import flat file..”.  This option has been added by Microsoft in SSMS 17.3. By using this SQL Server Management Studio new feature we can import flat file data in SQL Server. To know more about this feature you can click here. This same feature is now available in Azure Data Studio (In preview it was known as SQL Operations Studio) as an Extension. By using this feature we can import csv or text file data into our SQL Server. To install this extension, go to extensions option and search for import. Once you will get SQL Server import then install the extension.

Once SQL Server Import extension is installed, restart the Azure Data Studio. Now you will get below information about Downloading and Installing this extension as shown below:

Once this installation is done, then you can connect any new SQL Instance. Then right click on the database in which you want to import the data. After Right click, there will be a new option “Import Wizard”. Click on Import Wizard and fill out input file details:

Click Next to preview the data. Once we are done with data preview, click on next to view the target table structure and you can also modify columns as per your requirement.

Here, we can change column name and data types as well. Once we are done with this modify column section, click on Import Data.

Now you can check the imported data by executing a select statement.


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