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When I Installed Azure Data Studio (In Preview this was known as SQL Operations Studio) on my machine, I connect local SQL Server Instance in Azure Data Studio and run some queries. Later I realized, SQL Server Agent is missing from this tool. Without SQL Server Agent it was looking incomplete. You will see only below three options under your connected instance:

In Azure Data Studio, SQL Server Agent comes as an extension and you can find this extension by click on red highlighted Extensions. To Install this extension just click on that install option.

After this, if you will connect any new SQL Server Instance, then you will get a new SQL Agent tab. Under this tab, we can manage all of our SQL Server Agent related activities.

After clicking on the SQL Agent Tab, you will see the above screen where you can see details about jobs. You can see details about previous runs as well. Green bars indicated successful execution and height indicates the time taken for execution. You can also apply filters to this GUI based on available options. In below Image, we have options to apply filter for the last Run outcome. We can apply sorting on this column or we can select any specific or multiple last run outcome.

Other Options like Proxies, Operators, alerts, all are available under this extension.


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