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In my previous blog posts we have seen extensions for Azure Data Studio (In preview this was known as SQL Operations Studio) – SQL Server Agent and SQL Server Import file wizard. To know more about SQL Server Agent click here and for Import Flat File Wizard, you can click here.

There is one more extension that is available for Azure Data Studio. This Extension is used for monitoring SQL Server and known as Server Reports. By using this extension, we will get multiple reports for – Database Space Usage, database buffer usage, CPU utilization, Backup Growth Trend and Server level wait stats report. To Install this extension search report under extensions and install that.

After Installation, restart the Azure Data Studio and connect SQL Instance. Now we will get a new tab as Server Reports.

If you will scroll down, then we will other server level information as well.

To get information about server level wait stats, click on the icon shown below:

This will give you details about some of the top waits on the server:


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