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In Microsoft Azure Data Studio, We can save result set or result subset into different file formats. These file formats include – csv, Jason and xlsx. Save result as json format in Azure Data Studio (In preview it was known as SQL Operations Studio) is really a very useful option.

I am going to execute a simple select query on AdventureWorksDW2016 database:

In the above image, we have four options as highlighted with Red. Here First three sections are to save the result set in three different formats. The current version of SQL Operations Studio that I am using here is 0.32.8 (Still in preview mode). At first look, you will feel, these first three options are still not working properly. If you will save the result, it will show you as the result has been saved but you will not be able to find that file on location.

To save the result properly, first you have to select the result set or select the subset of results. Later, you have to click on specific option to save the result in a file as shown below:

Once the file will be saved, it will automatically open in new tab.

Now using the second option, you can save the result as json file format.

Using third option, you can save the result as Excel Sheet.

But this time, To open that file, you have to click “Open File” option at the bottom right hand side.


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