Microsoft Azure Data Studio – Create Stored Procedure

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In Azure Data Studio (Previously known as SQL Operations Studio), there are lots of T-SQL snippets which are really helpful to create and manage objects. By using these T-SQL snippets, we can get create object statement. To create a new stored procedure, just open a new query window and type sqlcreate as mention below and you will immediately get multiple snippets.

Select sqlCreateStoredProc and hit Enter. You will get Create Stored Proc snippet.

Here cursor is blinking at the end of the stored procedure name. Now you just have to type the name of the stored procedure and it will change the name at every place in the snippet.

Here we also have to change the Schema Name with a proper name. There is a schema name at multiple places, we can change all the occurrence by Select and right click on SchemaName.

Now just type the proper schema name and that will be changed at all the places:

You can also do the same thing to change Stored Procedure name or any other word. We can also get the TSQL snippet for drop stored procedure by typing sqldrop:


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