Microsoft Azure Data Studio – Connecting SQL Instance

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Making a new connection in Azure Data Studio is different as compare to SQL Server Management Studio. We can specify lots of options while making a connection to SQL Server. Today we will learn this in detail:

Step 1 – Open Azure Data Studio. this was previously known as SQL Operations Studio (SQLOPS)

Step 2 – Click on top left new connection icon:

Step 3 – Now Click on new connection icon:

To make the simple connection you just have to specify instance name and authentication type, then click on the Connect button.

If you want to specify other options in the connection string, then just click on the Advanced button, you will get multiple option as shown below:

Under the initialization section, we can specify Application intent, Asynchronous processing enabled, the connection timeout value in seconds (by default 15 seconds).

Under security section, we can specify security related connection string values. This is really useful if you want to use the column encryption setting and SSL encryption in your connection.

You can specify specific port, connection resiliency information, connection pooling configuration and fail-over partner details as well.


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  1. Deepak

    Bhai isme procedure का ऑप्शन नहीं he क्या it’s only a new query here is there problem is a format of create procedure given by management. Where we discribe name of create date extra


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