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In SQL Server Management Studio, we can change the color them, but there are very less options those we can use – Blue (default) and Light. Azure Data Studio (previously known as SQL Operations Studio), this is a very lightweight client tool. We can change this client tool theme color and here we have lots of options in Azure Data Studio.

To change color theme in Azure Data Studio, you can go to this option using the menu option as shown below:

You can also use short key [Ctrl+k Ctrl+S] to open this option. You will get option in middle top section of Azure Data Studio as shown below:

The best point here, you don’t have to select an option using mouse pointer one by one. You can use Up/Down keys to preview the color theme.  As shown below:

Now the beauty of this tool, you can specify your own color theme by making changes in settings.json file. You can open this file by using Ctrl +, option.

Here you have to search workbench.colorCustomizations or you have to find this setting under “Workbench” section as shown below:

Now you have to specify settings under “workbench.colorCustomizations” section as mention below:

Now you have to save your changes and reload the settings to view the change impact.

If you will keep your mouse pointer over the hex value of color then you will get a color palette as shown below. You can adjust this value based on color selection using this palette.

To know more about the values you can specify under colorCustomizaion, click here.


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